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l force, it must● be free from any foreign admixture, at lea●st in him, its source.In the actual world cou▓nteracting forces ar

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e not wanting, moreove▓r, and in some way the balance is always st●ruck.The synthesis of Nietzsche and Tols●to is really not so very ha

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rd to find.It w●as given long ago in the kaho▓-kayadin (beauty and goodness) o▓f the ancients as well as in the rightly

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●understood conception of the[Pg● 307] gentleman.If Tolsto's human id▓eal wears the form of the muzhik and flatly

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re●jects every concession to the claims● of an sthetic culture, the▓ fact leads back ultimately to the repulsion w●hich the St.P

etersburg type o●f civilization must awaken in every● unspoiled mind.One perceives there that lu●xury cannot uplift man.Indeed, ●it is easy to come to the Tolsto con●viction that it ruins instead of enno●bling him.An isolated thinker lik▓e Tolsto reaches in this revulsion very extrem▓e consequences.In any case the bodily u▓ncleanness of the peasants is less▓ unpleasant to h

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  • muzhik patience in misfort●une, w
  • e have also something to of▓fer him in retu
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im and his daug▓hter than the moral impurity of the town ▓dwellers.The dirt of the peasa▓nts is for him nature, like the c●linging clay of the field. Suppre▓ssing our thoughts, we followed ▓our brave guide into the houses of the vi

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